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Meina is a charming resort town and holiday resort on the shore of Lake Maggiore, in the province of Novara.

Place of art and nature the whole of Lake Maggiore boasts many museums in these places tells the history and culture of a land "alive", deeply attached to their traditions.

The territory is characterized by the presence of different places of artistic and cultural interest.

All around is a succession of several houses and villas, everywhere encircled by lush parks, such as the nineteenth-century Villa Faraggiana built in 1855 as a summer residence of the noble family of Novara Faraggiana. It is a neo-classical structure, surrounded by a large park famous for its artistic and architectural merits.

For sports lovers the area of Lake Maggiore is a real natural paradise you can enjoy many outdoor sports: hiking, biking, golf, horseback riding and, above all, countless water sports such as canoeing, yachting, sailing, water skiing and scuba diving. In fact, on the surface of the lake and blow the Tramontana Inverna, twenty whose combination allows for yachting enthusiasts to try their hand throughout the year in their chosen sport.

There are many bathing beaches located along the shores of Lake Maggiore, Piedmont and Lombardy on the shore of the lake. In nearby Lake Mergozzo beaches of Cannobio and Cannero Riviera are defending, since 2010, of the environmental title of "Blue Flag". The Blue Flag is a prestigious award given by the Foundation for Environmental Education to the municipalities that are distinguished by quality and in the activities of environmental qualification.

For golf lovers there is ample golf courses, who find not only a green environment ideal, with small internal lakes and large wooded areas, but also breathtaking views.

Many are also the take-off points for paragliding and hang gliding then flying enthusiasts can try their hand at an exciting experience over the clear waters of the basin, or make use of the small airports equipped for glider flights.

During the winter the ski resorts of the mountain ranges around Lake Maggiore, first of all the Mottarone host every year, both from Italy and abroad, the lovers of skiing, skiing, alpine skiing, snowboarding and for the popular snowshoes

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